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Fills in Lines

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In 2016 a clinical study conducted by a third party found that LifeCell All-in-One Skin Tightening Treatment effectively treats and improves the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin by making it look and feel tighter, firmer and healthier.

When you receive your trial of LifeCell make sure to apply it to the oldest wrinkle you have. How do you know what your oldest wrinkle is? Here’s a hint: It’s not on your face. A human’s oldest wrinkles are on their fingers. Just take a look at a baby’s tiny hands. Their little fingers are full of wrinkles.
tested on celebrities not animals
Received LifeCell at award show event. Not an endorsement.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Profound benefits of this ultra-concentrated age defying formula—it immediately begins to reverse the aging process on it’s very first application!

Before LifeCell

What makes wrinkles and fine-lines “visible” is their darkness against the rest of the skin. No matter how fair your complexion, these tiny crevasses stand out. Why? Simply because of the shadows cast by the edges of the lines and wrinkles.

After LifeCell

LifeCell’s light-reflecting micro-technology takes away the shadows which make fine lines and wrinkles so visible. By getting rid of the contrast which makes these lines visible, these wrinkles appear to diminish. This is what we call the “instant effect”. This effect lasts until you wash you face.

Lifecell's Unique All-In-One

Clinical Strength Formula

Targeting several problem areas, synergistically healing, revitalizing, and protecting your skin from the ravages of age.

Forehead & Frown Lines
We replenish and plump lost reserves of Hyaluronic Acid that lead to deep horizontal brow lines and frown lines as we age.
Blemishes And Age Spots
Retinol (vitamin A) targets liver spots, sun damage and blemishes by accelerating the skin’s natural exfoliation process.
Crows Feet (Lateral Canthal Wrinkles)
DMAE gives the look of firmer and lifted skin around the delicate eye area. It reduces the look of deep lines and loss of elasticity for a smooth relaxed effect.
Dark Under Eye Circles
Vitamins, A, C, & E work together to create a dynamic synergy reducing irritation, inflammation, oxidation and discoloration.
Broken Capillaries (Telangiectases)
The natural ingredients in LifeCell reduce the appearance of irritated and broken blood vessels in your skin.
Perioral Lines and Oral Commissures
Those lines around your lips can come from years of smoking. LifeCell helps smooth out the look of these wrinkles and give the skin a plumper, more hydrated look.
Marionette Lines
Deep lines respond well to the lifting action of DMEA. The hydrating ingredients act as a filler to plump up these lines for younger look.


Enhancing the skin’s natural renewal process.
Lifecell is a complete formulation of many different skin healing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, retinol, DMAE, Vitamins A, C and E, natural proteins, and Dermaxyl he key ingredient – a new formulation of peptides that targets every aspect of aging skin. Each ingredient is molecularly engineered to be as small as possible, so it gets through to every layer of the skin. Here’s how we discovered it:

Most of anti-aging products don’t deliver results when it comes to deep wrinkles because they only work on the top layer of skin.

Starting with restoring formation level of collagen. Filling up the spaces between the connective fibers collagen and elastin.

Repaired damaged skin after regular, long term application of the cream. Wrinkles on your face seem smoother and less visible.

Our R&D team found something phenomenal when they were working on this formula. They developed a technique to deliver LifeCell into the deeper layers of the skin topically. Individually, each ingredient’s make-up is too small to penetrate, but combined, they made it happen.

We synthesize Hyaluronic Acid into Sodium Hyalurate, which is Hyaluronic Acid in salt form. From there we further engineer it to be as molecularly light and small as possible, and therefore able to penetrate deep into the skin. Along with Retinol, Vitamins and Dermaxyl peptides, reach deep into the dermal layer, making the skin appear significantly more youthful.

All three layers of the skin appear rejuvenated. The result is a more even color, smoother texture, and diminished liver spots, sun spots and blemishes. With continued use, LifeCell helps protect the skin from dehydration and loss of moisture.

*Just cover shipping. Availability limited to one per household.

Top Dermatologists and Estheticians Recommend LifeCell

Lifecell's Life-infusing Science Signature, enhancing the skin’s natural renewal process.

Received LifeCell at award show event. Not an endorsement.
Results may vary. Each individual case is different.

*Just cover shipping. Availability limited to one per household.

What the media is saying about LifeCell's Ingredients

Time Magazine in "The War On Wrinkles" highlighted a Ubiquinone's derivative as a great weapon against fighting wrinkles.

NBC News in a breaking news show on skin-aging called a Ubiquinone derivative a "super skin- saving antioxidant."

Fitness Magazine - "[Ubiquinone's derivative] doesn't just prevent free radicals from ravaging skin—it reverses past damage, too...The Ingredient has been shown to restore cell vitality."

It [Acetyl Hexapeptide -3] aims to have properties similar to the cosmetic injections and can theoretically act on the same nerve-muscle connection that Cosmetic Injections works on.

The Times (England's #1 Newspaper) in an article "Forever Young" said, "dermatologists are hailing it [a Ubiquinone derivative] as the most potent skin care antioxidant available. Studies have shown it prevents cell damage linked to aging and wrinkles.

Quality Of Product And Satisfaction Guaranteed

LifeCell is formulated with top-quality ingredients.
Each ingredient treats a specific area. After years of creating and testing different formulations, we found a way to make each ingredient work synergistically without cancelling each other out.
A key ingredient that can assist in replicating similar results of retinol. DERMAXYL, a new ingredient based on peptide technology helps combat the signs of aging and appearance of wrinkles. Dermaxyl smoothes out the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines by producing results similar to retinoic acid and retinol without the irritation these products and alpha hydroxy (fruit/glycolic) acid-based formulations often cause.
Hyaluronic Acid
An essential key component of connective tissue. Nicknamed "Nature's Moisturizer" for its ability to moisturize skin, this ingredient will allow skin to maintain just the right amount of hydration without causing oiliness. Hyaluronic acid will also plump the skin to smooth and almost erase wrinkles.
DMAE (Deanol)
DMAE is the ONLY ingredient clinically proven to not only smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but also replenishes moisture in the skin to give it a firm look.Studies have concluded that DMAE can make the skin on the cheeks and neck appear tighter and smoother.
Ubiquinone - Super Anti-Oxidant
Ubiquinone which most scientists claim clearly out-shines all other antioxidants available today. It boosts our body's ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules, helping our skin look young, healthy and wrinkle-free.
Deanol – Muscle Toning and Firmness Activator
Applying Deanol on skin helps give the skin an appearance of firmness and toned-up look. One of the more spectacular anti-aging effects of Deanol, is the natural appearance of a lift in the eyelids in just a few days of use. Daily use of Deanol can help you maintain a firm, and youthful look.
Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C)
Its primary function is to promote collagen synthesis. Heightened collagen levels will result in healthier, firmer, more youthful skin. Vitamin C in LifeCell will also keep skin protected from free radical danger, slowing the age-process even more.
Retinol (Vitamin A)
Retinol is pure Vitamin A and the #1 dermatologist recommended wrinkle-fighting ingredient. It is used to renew and rejuvenate skin cells to give the skin a smoother and younger looking appearance.

*Just cover shipping. Availability limited to one per household.

A Perfect Synergy Between
Skin Care And Science

LifeCell has sold over 1,000,000 skin tightening treatments. It’s the best-selling treatment from our line of anti-aging products. What sets it apart from competitors is the convenience of being an all-in-one treatment. Instead of having to buy and apply 5-7 skincare products everyday, we formulated all of these beneficial treatments into one easy-to-use product.

We know that once you try LifeCell All-in-One Skin Tightening Treatment, that you will never want to be without it again and that makes us very proud. Our company was founded on three core values that we live by which are “Integrity, Quality and Honesty” and it’s with those values in mind that we make this promise to you.

LifeCell will only ever use the BEST in Quality Ingredients and we will ALWAYS stand behind our product by guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.