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LifeCell Cooling Under-Eye Treatment
Reduce the appearance of aging and fatigue with this cooling eye treatment designed to treat wrinkles and discoloration.
LifeCell Eye Cream
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.67 FL. oz

Why your skin needs it:

Defense against aging. The first signs of aging begin around the eyes. Target and stop them in their tracks.

Product Info

What it is:

Look younger and well rested with LifeCell Cooling Under Eye Treatment. Its skin-strengthening ingredients, Vitamin C Ester, DMAE, and Retinol, work immediately and over time to smooth and brighten the eye area. Its ultra-cooling metal applicator refreshes and reduces puffiness. Easy to take anywhere, it provides refreshing on-the-go treatment.

  • Cool, Metal Tip
  • Instant Puffiness Relief
  • Sculpted For The Eye Contour Area
  • Reduce Under Eye Discoloration
  • Restore Skin's Elasticity
  • Minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Vitamin C Ester
Ascorbyl Palmitate for Skin Care in LifeCell
Ubiquinone CoQ10
Extreme Anti-Aging Benefits
Retinol Active Ingredient in LifeCell Cream for Clear Youthful Skin
DMAE Benefits for Anti Aging in LifeCell Skincare Products
Hyaluronic Acid
Anti Aging Secrets from LifeCell

Lifecell Verified Customer
I bought the Lifecell Under-Eye treatment about a week ago and haven’t put it down since! Unlike most eye rollers I’ve seen, the cream doesn’t get clogged in the applicator. I love how easy it is to travel with, not to mention it is super effective.

Lifecell Verified Customer
The Under-Eye treatment is probably my favorite product, followed by the supplements. I’m relatively young so my wrinkles aren’t so bad, and I think by using the eye treatment, crow’s feet won’t be a huge problem for me in the future.

Lifecell Verified Customer
I was a customer of LifeCell for about 2 years before trying the under-eye product. Although the ingredients are almost the same in both, I noticed a big difference around my eyes once I started using the eye cream. I look much more awake day to day, and my husband even noticed my new glow! Ha! Thanks LifeCell!

It really helped with dark circles I had underneath my eyes. Great to travel with too. Will surely be buying again soon.

Lifecell Verified Customer
One of my girlfriends loves this product and recommended I check it out. The area around her eyes started looking better and younger, so I finally decided to try it. All I could think was “where the heck have I been?” This stuff is great! I’m going to try their main product next!

Lifecell Verified Customer
I no longer have to use concealer to cover my dark under eye circles, this stuff is heaven in a tube!

Lifecell Verified Customer
It works.

Lifecell Verified Customer
my girlfriend would always complain about the darkness around my eyes. I gave in and it worked.