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For nearly a decade, South Beach Skincare has been creating innovative clinical skin care products with the philosophy that “youthful skin is possible at ANY age.” We don’t just want you to look younger, we want you to feel younger. We stick to this idea from beginning to end.

At South Beach Skincare, we are dedicated to bring you the latest advancements in skincare.  We believe that there is an alternative to those harmful, invasive procedures women are tricked into every year. Say goodbye to cosmetic injections and facelifts. What was once an almost impossible to achieve concept, is now possible. Our anti-aging treatments are guaranteed to keep you looking young and beautiful.

LifeCell earned its name because we believe in giving your skin a chance to “breathe” while giving “life” to your cells. The key strength behind the LifeCell brand is our dedication to manufacture and provide consumers with safe and natural anti-aging alternatives, while never compromising our ethics or integrity. Our goal is to take the skin care industry in a new direction.

Now, LifeCell is the go-to skin care product for millions of people around the world. With our line of skincare products it is easier to keep your face looking and feeling young!

Green Company

We worked for nearly two years in the lab perfecting + re-formulating our anti-aging treatment and collagen supplements. The aim was to create a product that reflected the South Beach lifestyle; one full of activity, beauty, and well-being.

The talented employees behind the LifeCell brand are passionate about the environment and animals. We are proud of the fact that our products are non-invasive, paraben-free, and all product testing is conducted cruelty-free. Our goal is to maintain transparency with our consumers from formulation to distribution. All of our ingredients come from responsible sourcing and we NEVER test our products on animals. Innovating responsibly is how we do business.

We also take pride in the fact that the materials used to package and ship our products are 100% recyclable. We are a green company that will do our best to keep conscious about the environment during every stage of our product’s creation, packaging, and delivery.

LifeCell is Certified 100% Cruelty Free by Peta

In addition to maintaining our green company status, our products are Certified 100% Cruelty-Free by PETA. This means that no animals were tested during the creation and experimentation of any products we offer. Our motto is “Test Products on Celebrities, NOT Animals”.


LifeCell All-In-One Skin-Tightening Treatment 2.54 oz
Dermatologist Tested Anti-Aging Treatment Proven To Reduce The Look of Wrinkles
LifeCell Neck Firming Serum
A unique formula aimed to firm and smoothen the neck while reducing the appearance off sagging skin.
LifeCell Purifying Mask
Pamper yourself with LifeCell’s facial in a jar. No spa required.

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