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Banish Unhealthy Winter Skin

With the cold weather rolling in, and the increased stress levels of the holidays, your skin is taking a toll. Using LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment will definitely make your skin glow and give you a more youthful appearance. What else can you do to make sure your skin is looking its healthiest? Here are some simple tips to practice flawless winter skin care:

Antioxidants - Best Antioxidant Foods to Eat

Antioxidant Foods
We've listed the best antioxidant foods that you should ALWAYS include in you diet. Research has shown that antioxidants have been implicated in the prevention of a number of degenerative, age-related diseases, including: anti-aging, weight loss, improves immune system, cancer and many others.

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients Revealed! Pt. 2

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients
Petroleum by-products and engine degreasers belong in your garage not on your skin. Yet, frighteningly, these are just two of the many toxic skin care ingredients that are masquerading around in your skin care products. These chemicals can cause anything from cancer to skin irritations. They also cause DNA damage and can prematurely age your skin.

Why We Need Vitamin C

In the U.S., 1 in 3 adults don't get the recommended amount of vitamin C from their diets. Vitamin C is one of the most critical vitamins when it comes to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. As an anti-aging ingredient, its' antioxidant properties and health benefits are abundant. Read on to learn more about this magical vitamin, and utilize the helpful tips we've listed for you!