5 Natural Fixes For Major Health Issues

Do you suffer from arthritis? How about a weak immune system? Or maybe insomnia is your major health complaint. With so many prescription drugs on the market today, it’s easy to turn to the pharmacy. But there are more natural ways you can beat your major health issues! Read on to find out how you can benefit from these good-for-you solutions!

Chronic Pain

Whether it’s arthritis you’re suffering from or it’s pain in your knees – arnica gel is your answer! This affordable gel can be found in most health markets, and studies show that it has the same pain relief for arthritis as ibuprofen does! Massage a small amount onto your most achy spots.

Upset Stomach

You could be a chronic sufferer of an upset stomach, or it might just be something you ate. Either way, ginger is the answer to your stomach pains! Drink ginger tea, or soak ginger roots in hot water. This anti-inflammatory ingredient will reduce your ache, and aid in moving whatever is in your stomach along.


With a million things running through your head at night, it’s sometimes hard to fall asleep! Mix some pumpkin seed powder into hot milk or water to release stabilizing serotonin into your body. You’ll sleep easier, and the mixture is a delicious treat as well!


Weak Immune System

Do you find yourself getting sick at the change of every season? A weak immune system will make you prone to illnesses and cause you to feel down. Take 2 teaspoons of elderberry syrup three times a day, and you’ll have an iron-clad immune system in no time.


We all experience stress frequently, whether it’s from our jobs or just not having enough time in the day to get things done. A way to reduce your stress, and stay in tip-top shape, is by practicing Yoga. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day – you’ll feel less stressed out if you try a seated forward bend (reaching for your toes) along with deep breathing exercises.

As we age, our health issues become more and more prominent. While it seems convenient to reach for an ibuprofen to solve the problem, using natural methods will leave you feeling better in the long run!

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