5 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you saw our blog entry from a few weeks back about anti-aging foods, then you already know how much your diet can affect the quality of your skin. So much so, that there are even ingredients which are proven to help protect the skin from sun damage specifically. With the sun being the biggest threat to our aging skin, we have to protect ourselves as many ways as we can.

Green tea and black tea are full of polyphenols which have actually been proven to stop cancer development. It has also been recorded that green tea can help prevent non-melanoma skin cancer, and those who drink one cup of tea per day have a lower incidence of melanoma.

Add a bit of color to your cuisine to mix things up and possibly help prevent sunburn. These peppers, whether orange, red, or green, contain antioxidants like lycopene and carotenoid which help protect against skin irritations such as erythema.

Choc-full of antioxidants (pun intended), dark chocolate finds its way on this list because of its flavanoid content. Flavanoids have the ability to protect the skin against some forms of damage including UV irritations like sun burns.

Tomatoes are incredible for your skin when it comes to taking years off of your appearance. Like the peppers mentioned above, tomatoes have an abundance of lycopene which gives them their bright red color. It is precisely the lycopene which reduces free radical damage to prevent reactions to the sun.

You can never get too much omega-3! The wonder vitamin we call omega-3 proves once again that it is one of the most beneficial substances for you. In the case of sun care, omega-3 provides amazing anti-inflammatory benefits while still reducing free radical damage from carcinogens like UV rays.

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