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21 Most Interesting Skin Facts!

Skin Facts
If you want to take the best care possible, for health and anti-aging reasons, then knowing how the skin works is the key. Here are the top 21 skin facts to get to know your skin better!

The Key to Aging Well

Aging Well
To keep our bodies healthy and aging gracefully, it is up to us to take the wheel of our lifestyle and steer it down the road of anti-aging and good health. There are many lifestyle choices we make daily that influence our bodies and promote aging well. The major lifestyle influences are diet, protection and hygiene.

Synergistic Foods - Food Combinations To Boost Nutrient Intake

Synergistic Foods - Food Combinations
To maximize your body’s absorption of the nutrients from your meals, one should turn to synergistic foods. Since we are only what we digest, we should make food choices that maximize the absorption of the benefits found in each other. Some foods that are paired together will not only maximize the benefits that each other contain, but also provide new benefits when combined.

5 Ways to Banish Cellulite

Truth About Cellulite
Cellulite is a common occurrence for most women; regardless of body type. 80-90% of women are thought to have some sort of cellulite. Cellulite results mainly from a poor diet, slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, dehydration, and even hormonal changes. Creams and plastic surgery will only offer temporary relief. How can you get rid of cellulite for good?

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits for Skin Health

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits
When it comes to skin care, celebrities tend to be ahead of the game. At first celebrities used hyaluronic acid in cosmetic injections. Now that hyaluronic acid benefits have been revealed, and proven to be beneficial for plumping and firming the skin, our skin has never looked so good!

Banish Unhealthy Winter Skin

With the cold weather rolling in, and the increased stress levels of the holidays, your skin is taking a toll. Using LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment will definitely make your skin glow and give you a more youthful appearance. What else can you do to make sure your skin is looking its healthiest? Here are some simple tips to practice flawless winter skin care:

Antioxidants - Best Antioxidant Foods to Eat

Antioxidant Foods
We've listed the best antioxidant foods that you should ALWAYS include in you diet. Research has shown that antioxidants have been implicated in the prevention of a number of degenerative, age-related diseases, including: anti-aging, weight loss, improves immune system, cancer and many others.

5 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Sun Protection for Anti-Aging
With the sun being the biggest threat to our aging skin, it’s wisest to protect ourselves in any way we can. Here are 5 foods which provide protection from the sun!

What’s So Great About White Tea?

Green Tea Benefits
Certain types of tea can prevent, treat, or even heal various ailments, but one particular brew can do all of the above and more…white tea!

3 Reasons to Exercise Beside Staying Fit

Reasons to Exercise
If you want to shed those unwanted pounds, exercise is the way to go. However, staying slim isn't your only reason to visit the gym.