5 Major Ways To Look Younger

There comes a point in every women’s life when they have a very pertinent question to ask – how do I look younger? Some of us are not ready to embrace the golden years when they hit our appearance. What … Read more

4 Ways to Eat a Healthier Breakfast

Are you eating the right kind of breakfast? A cup of coffee in the morning just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Research has shown that breakfast can help you lose weight and skipping it may be bad for your … Read more

Are You Shortening Your Life? Avoid these habits to add years to your life!

A burger once a week? Skipping the gym when you just don’t feel like it? We all do certain things sometimes and think they can’t possibly be that bad for our health! What’s one little burger going to do? You … Read more

6 Bad Bedtime Habits

Did you know that only 25% of Americans get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night? It is not a surprise since we know firsthand what it’s like to have a million thoughts buzzing around in your head before … Read more

Are You Listening To Your Body?

Your body is pretty good at telling you what it’s suffering from – you’ve just go to learn to listen to it! Conditions like arthritis and sleep apnea are tell-tale signs that your body is aging faster than it should … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Need To Go On Vacation

We figured you might need a little nudge to ask for the time off, get your things together, and finally go on the vacation you have been wanting to go on. We’ve got science to back us up! Read on … Read more

How To Banish Bad Cholesterol… The Natural Way

Cholesterol is a health issue that many people are faced with. If you have family history of heart problems, then it’s even more important to pay attention to your cholesterol levels. While there are many medications that can help you … Read more

5 Natural Energy Boosters

It’s 2:00PM and you feel that afternoon slump coming on. You find yourself heading over to the coffee maker or to the fridge for an energy drink hoping for a quick pick me up. Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, … Read more

Skincare After 40

When you get into your 40’s, your body starts going through many changes. These changes affect your skin – and not always in a good way! Your hormone changes cause acne, wrinkles, and many other pesky conditions! We’ve listed the … Read more

Suppress Your Food Cravings… Forever

Ever find yourself dreaming about chocolate or potato chips late at night, and creeping into the kitchen to get your fix? As it turns out, there’s science behind your urges! Studies show that people that have low levels of the … Read more

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