Banish Unhealthy Winter Skin

With the cold weather rolling in, and the increased stress levels of the holidays, your winter skin is taking a toll. Using LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment will definitely make your skin glow and give you a more youthful appearance. What else … Read more

Common Foods Linked To Causing Cancer

When you’re eating french fries and sipping on your soda during lunch, you’re not thinking of cancer. You may be shocked to find out, however, that consuming these foods may increase your risk of cancer. Studies reveal that a chemical … Read more

7 Benefits of Water

Whether it’s youthful skin, shiny hair, or a healthier body you’re striving for, you can find your answer in water! Our brain, blood, and muscles are made of over 75% water, so it’s vital that we drink enough of it … Read more

Antioxidants – Best Antioxidant Foods to Eat

Antioxidants are being praised left and right for their anti-aging capabilities. Companies everywhere are using them in everything, from makeup to products for skin rejuvenation. Antioxidant foods are being recommended left and right as well. Because antioxidants are capable of … Read more

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients Revealed! Pt. 2

Last time we talked about the risks of using products that contain MI (methylisothiazolinone). A common saying is that if you can’t pronounce it don’t put it on your skin which is the case for this ingredient. This harmful ingredient … Read more

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients Revealed

In our fast paced lifestyles we often pay little attention to the quality and ingredients of our hygiene products. But there are some harmful skin care ingredients in some cosmetic products that are starting to cause concern. Ingredients like butylparaben … Read more

Geisha Facial vs. LifeCell Treatment

Women go a long way for beauty. Our feminine Italian ancestors once took part in the fashion of applying powdered insects with wax as lipstick. During Medieval times crocodile fat was trending as the must have “wrinkle cream”.  And how … Read more

5 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you saw our blog entry from a few weeks back about anti-aging foods, then you already know how much your diet can affect the quality of your skin. So much so, that there are even ingredients which are proven … Read more

Treating Inflamed Skin

Whether it’s the harsh winter winds, the intense summer heat, or even the midst of allergy season, inflammation may affect your skin and cause big problems if left untreated. Inflammation – the red, puffy patches of skin can be itchy, … Read more

Gaining Confidence for Better Skincare

We all know how it feels to worry or stress over a situation that we feel is beyond our control. Back in school, a big test or even the mere thought of approaching the opposite sex was enough to cause … Read more

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